The objective of Molza & Partners is to be a recognized centre of excellence in finding managerial or strategic profiles suitable to support companies to face their future and to satisfy successfully a market which is continuously and rapidly changing.


Executive search

  • Direct research through networking, not using adverts ( information will be treated strictly confidentially)
  • Support in all the stages of the research from the drawing up of the career brief to the economic proposal.
  • Management of the references
  • Management of the probationary period through regular feedback to the company and to the candidate.
  • Guarantee, in case of resignation, of a duration of six months

Researches of strategic profiles

The evolutions of the management culture in Italy has created the necessity of recruit profiles for business development even if they don’t cover top managements positions.

Experts of international markets, management accounting, research and development, project design, strategic web marketing are some examples of profiles nowadays strategically important for a modern company.
To research strategic roles, Molza & Partners combines the benefits and the efficiency of a strongly proved system, blending it with the modernity and the potential of Social Media Recruiting methodologies.


Temporary Manager

The objective is to reduce the possibility for both sides of hurried decisions which may be superficial, while at the same time adding value to potential flexibility and complementarity.