What is M2N

M2N international is a company that learns from itself. Through the years it has based its vision giving innovative solutions to his clients’ requests.
Its mission is to make it clear that the best solution has to be always put in relation to time and cost.
To do this, it has created tools,competences and relations that always highly customize the offer.
The methodology used allows the company to play a role of project leader/coordinator.
It also allows the client to take decisions always based on his evaluation of the context.
M2N has been playing for the last few years a role of incubator for those managers interested in becoming entrepreneurs.


Who are M2N Manager

Present contexts suggest to combine the needs shared by many companies, especially in the arena of PMI, and those of many managers on the market at present due to “organizational rationalization”.

Molza & Partners , in addition to the service of recruitment of managerial and strategic positions, wants to offer its candidates the opportunity to measure themselves with projects and challenges whose main characteristic is entrepreneurship.